Monday, August 1, 2011

My Other Passion

All dressed up and teaching Morse Code.
If you ask some people who know me they would tell you there is nothing I am more passionate about than ceramics. However, I would beg to differ. It may not exceed ceramics, but my other strong passion is teaching about the Civil War. Particularly the communications systems of the Civil War, and more particularly about female telegraph operators during the War.
I have been working with the Ohio Valley Civil War Association for nearly ten years. The other weekend between my jaunts to research kiln furniture in Rockbridge County, I attended the 150th anniversary of the Civil War at Manassas. Our group taught about the Signal Corps and communications during the Civil War. I actually did not even get a chance to go see the big battle reenactment! It was incredibly hot, much less adding an additonal several layers of clothes and standing for most of the day! But, as usual, I had a great time working with everyone, and teaching. Now, back to making pottery!

Me with a reproduction Beardslee Flying Telegraph

Tools and other implements for Signal Corps and telegraph communication

Our camp setup in an original Union earthenwork fort!


Dennis Allen said...

Is it possible you were born 200 years too late?

Liberty Stoneware said...

This is quite possible, Dennis. I always tell people that if my husband and I were living in the nineteenth century we could make a pretty decent living as a potter and farmer! As a woman though, I'd have to choose the late nineteenth or early twentieth century if I just HAD to "go back", haha.

basketcasegary said...

laffin here....brenda...i THOUGHT you looked older than your purported twentysome years........perhaps you are channeling someone from another time?? well..see you at the end of the and mike be well until then...