Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opening the Kiln

Opening a kiln after the firing is always fascinating because you get to see things in layers as the bricks come down from the top to the bottom. I have a hard time resisting pulling pots immediately once I can reach them in order to have a photo like the one above with, well, most of the pots still in there (I'll admit to some back-of-the-stack swiping).

Once again the back corner was the hottest area in the kiln and had some great ash coverage. This also means the shelves are going to have to have a good cleaning (not my favorite task!).
The front corner was pretty dry again, and did not hit cone 10. I think I am going to make it more spaced out in that corner to get more air flow and try out some glazes.
Big decorated pot

I finally got around to firing a big pot I made while working with Joseph Sand last winter. It's been sitting for a little while, so I was glad it didn't break and was pleasantly surprised at how vivid the blue turned out! All of these pots are out just in time for the Triad Pottery Festival this weekend at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market! We'll be there on Saturday at the farmer's market from 6am-12:00 with fresh flour, produce, and pottery, and then I will be there on Sunday for the pottery show. Come visit!

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