Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Culinary Question

Small mixing bowl
 We are planning a holiday gift package that will include a small, handled mixing bowl, a handmade wooden spoon (made by Mike, not me!), and a bag of wheat from our farm. This morning I made up a batch of pancakes (the recipe we are thinking to put with the package) in one of the prototype bowls from the last firing. The bowl measures about 6 inches across the top and is about 4 1/2 inches tall.
Room left at the top of the bowl with completed recipe inside
Everything went in well, nothing really splashed or "foofed" out of the bowl while I whisked the ingredients in, but I wondered whether it needed to be wider at the top or perhaps a smidge taller. So my culinary question to those who like to play in the kitchen - would the1 1/2 or so inch space left at the top when finished mixing bother you, or would you typically want more room for mixing in a bowl? Thoughts? Suggestions? The catch is that we'd like to keep the price point down, so I cannot make a giant bowl, and I don't think small handled mixing bowls should really be that large anyway, but any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


Jonathan Leiss said...

I hate to say it, but yes, if you felt it was a bit tight, I think it would be a bother. Not necessarily b/c things would come out, but b/c it would just FEEL not as easy to use. If that jacks up the price point too much, could you leave the handle off and make a non-handled mixing bowl? BTW, I LOVE (to be clear, LOVE) the idea of the gift package. We've been contemplating similar all-in-one packages for our own eventual farm. I think this would be a big hit.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Jonathan on this one...loooove the gift package idea...but, also would feel more comfortable with more space at the top...if only an inch or 2...will you have these available for shipping? I think I just solved my holiday gift problems....Daniele