Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Back side of the bird's feet  on edge of pot
Dan Finnegan sometimes experiences animals or insects eating on his pots in his studio. While I have (knock on wood) not had any nibbling mice or invasive insects, I did come back to one of my pots after lunch today and found two sets of footprints on one of my pots from what I presume was a bird hopping from one side to the other. It left a rather intriguing pattern on the rim!
Not a great photo (sorry) of both sets of prints across from one another on the rim

Front of bird's feet - see the three toe marks?
Yesterday I picked up some wood in the truck and while driving home looked in my rear view mirror to see a small lizard running very quickly up the pile of wood to the cab and then fluttering in the wind, hanging on for dear life.
Lizard transported in the wood pile
I assumed he may have met his demise by being picked up by the wind, but received a photo from my other half today showing that unless another similar looking reptile had taken up residence, it was still alive and well in the pile of wood!

Guinness, our chocolate lab, enjoying "cuddle time" in the chair (he has some sensory issues that need met every so often)
And then there's our not-so-wild life at the house including this 85 pound chocolate lab who decided it was a good idea this afternoon to spend time barking at me through the window while I was on the porch. He also peaks through the curtain while I wedge clay and generally keeps an eye on me, but the barking today was a little much.
This is what "cuddle time" really looks like because Guinness spends most of it wallowing in the chair


Dan Finnegan said...

Imagine the decoration that a whole flock of birds could do!

Liberty Stoneware said...

I'd actually hate to know, I don't think a pot would survive! I am surprised this pot did not collapse because I had just made it that morning and it was damp when I left for a bit, and became a perch during my short break!