Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Life has a good way of teaching you to be flexible. After a broken wheel the other week, we were hit with an awful ice storm last week. Pottery and farming have been pretty good at teaching me to go with the flow.

 This storm shut off our power for several days and wreaked havoc all over the area. Above is how we cooked supper one evening. How romantic, right? As one of my friends said to me, "I worry about you less than just about anyone I know." I guess working at living history museums and reenacting has its perks to prepare you for going with the flow when the electric goes out!
Weighted down tree in the front yard
Ice is one of those beautiful, scary things. I was mesmerized by the heavy coat of ice on every surface, but not so mesmerized by the frequent breaking limbs, branches, and falling trees.

Production was put on hold for the days without electricity, but I was able to make it out of the house to help out at the North Carolina Potter's Conference. It was great to be among a laid-back crowd that was flexible enough to deal with power outages and changing program schedules. I'll post more about the Potter's Conference soon.
I got back in the studio on Sunday to get things glazed and decorated.

Empty cases at the Pottery Center

On Monday, I dismantled the "Old Ways in Mind" exhibition at the North Carolina Pottery Center.I was elated to take it down, but happy to have seen it on Sunday with other potters at the Center.

Today I was in the studio for my last week of wet work.  I call it my "last week of wet work" since that was what we called it at Berea College when I was in the ceramics studio there. Do you all have terms for your last week before the cut-off date to have pots ready for firing?

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