Friday, March 14, 2014


Improvised wheel set up

I was okay with using a substitute wheel until the other day. I weighed out my clay to make wine cups and pint cups, and when I turned to the wheel, I thought, "oh, no." Not one of those quick, surprised, "oh, no's," but rather a drawn out, deep-voiced, dramatic, "ohhhhhhhh.....nnnoooooooo!"
Why did I have this thought? It hadn't occurred to me just how accustomed I had become to my little Creative Industries wheel, until I realized that I based the heights of my cups on items sitting on the table that surrounds the wheel. So, basically, I put a long paint brush off the end of my water bucket to gauge my wine cups, and something similarly with the pint cups. It took some figuring and ransacking the broken pottery collection to find the right combination of things to get the correct heights. Above is what I came up with. Never a dull moment!

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