Wednesday, April 2, 2014

52 Form Project- Week 11

The 52 Form Project 

What is it?
My 52 Form Project is devised to help me stretch my creative muscles, explore new forms, or finally get to making forms I have been wanting to try for a long time. I am planning to make a new or modified form for every week of this year.
How can you help?
Your input on the forms, their shape, decoration, appeal, and function would be greatly appreciated. Some forms, if they seem like they may do well in the market, may become a part of my regular production.
Delayed Week 11
Week 11's form was a bit thrown together, literally and figuratively. It admittedly was not the focus of my week since I was absorbed in getting things finished for the kiln firing. Then I was absorbed in the cleaning, packing, and the show. So it goes.

Finished piece before the firing
However, this form has been on my mind, and I think it was something I was edging toward in week 2 with the lobed flower dishes. I've been hesitant to make a footed dish since I fire with wood and have to prop things up to protect from the salt, but I forged forward to give it a try.
Trimmed, low dish
First I made a low, wide dish and trimmed the bottom to have rounded edges.
Foot thrown off of the slightly-dried base

Small cuts into the foot to make it have three sections
Then, I  threw a foot off of the dish. So, the dish set up for a bit until it was a little past leather hard, which allowed me to literally throw a blob of clay onto the base, pull it outward, and then raise it to make a foot. Because of the need to prop the piece up in the kiln, I cut the foot into three sections so that it could have the chance of balancing itself if it got a little wobbly in the kiln. 3's and 5's balance much better than even numbers when making cuts.

I slipped the base and rim with a white slip and decorated it all over with cobalt blue slip.

I was pleased with how they turned out in the recent kiln firing, too. The base fired fine and it seems pretty level overall.

For one dish, I cut into the base and created a pattern that pierced through the wall. I was not terribly impressed with the outcome though, and enjoy the other base much more.  
Perhaps with the slip it just did not come out as smooth as I was hoping, but I also think it detracts from the overall decoration, particularly on the rim.

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