Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Name for the Farm!

Over the summer we purchased a farm. We have settled on a name for our farm! We have named the farm Emmaus Farm. Our focus is growing small grains, dry beans and garden vegetables using sustainable practices. The photograph above is of the wheat which was planted recently. The farm is named after the 18th-century Moravian agricultural community just southwest of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. When I was working on my Master's thesis on the Moravian potters in Bethlehem, I drove through Emmaus quite often. My other half and I have been impressed with the industriousness and culture of the 18th-century Moravians. When I was also working on my thesis we discovered that both of our families had Moravian connections. Very exciting!


Dan Finnegan said...

Congratulations, Brenda. I know that this was your goal when I met you. Got the kiln site all picked out? How does one pronounce this new name?

Anonymous said...

That is great! Hope to see Emmaus products at market next year. Let us know if you need a barn raised.


Liberty Stoneware said...

Sorry to be slow to respond-- Thanks, Dan and Jonathan! It is nice to see things coming together. Yes, the kiln site is picked out, I'm hoping to get a kiln shed up soon and my kiln built before spring. Mike has garlic and onions in the ground for spring market and will be getting other things started soon. The name is pronounced Ehm-may-uhs ("uhs" at the end rather than an "oos", I think if you pronounced it in German it would be "oos" but we'll go with the standardized "American", hahaha)