Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy days

Busy days at Liberty Stoneware!

Me in presentation mode before things got started
Last week was my presentation at the Randolph County Arts Guild on my historic kiln research. It was well attended and there were many great questions from the audience. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to start formulating some thoughts about my research and getting some of it on paper.

Inside at the pottery festival
A few weekends ago I was at the Greensboro Curb Farmer's Market for the Triad Pottery Festival. I had a new location this time and got to try out my new sign which came in the mail the other day. Always good to talk to potters and make new acquaintances.

My booth layout-- check out the new sign on the wall!

Smattering of wares
And if that wasn't enough to be going on, this past weekend was an event I have been helping coordinate for several months now at our local museum, the Patterson Cottage Museum. We had a Heritage Festival, which, despite the nasty weather in the morning, was decently attended and I think rather well for our first year.
Inside the Patterson Cottage Museum

Outside the Patterson Cottage Museum at the Heritage Festival
I am working on getting pots thrown for a firing with Joseph Sand. We are loading next week. I am doing a combination of single-fired pieces as well as bisqued ware, so we will see what happens!

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looks great!...very "presenty"...looks like you're busy as always...