Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Update and a Laugh

First shelf stack in back
Yesterday I helped Joseph Sand start loading his anagama kiln. I'm heading out there today as well and we will be firing this coming weekend. It's a lot of work to load these big beasty kilns, but it's rewarding all the same.

Working our way up
For your laugh:
As a potter, the movie "Ghost" is the bane of my existence when trying to demonstrate. Do any other potters feel this way, or just try to laugh EVERY TIME someone asks? On the note of "Ghost" however, my other half sent me this link which I thought you all might enjoy. It's a good laugh.


Susan Wells said...

That is a funny image! It is difficult to demo. I find it especially hard with pulling handles!

Liberty Stoneware said...

It is really difficult to demo, coning and handles especially. I once had to demonstrate making handles in front of a group of high schoolers. That was the worst!