Thursday, April 12, 2012


Small herd of experiment mugs!
 I overheard someone recently saying that if an experiment of some kind is not going in every one of your kiln firings then you are not moving forward as a potter. It is an interesting perspective, and true in many respects for always challenging oneself and trying new things. This upcoming kiln firing at Joseph's will have a lot of experiments in it for me. Some recently made experiments are these mugs which have a white ground beneath my cobalt blue decorations.

I am hoping that like the previous kiln firing at Joseph's where I first tried this out a little bit, that it will be a shiny white ground with bright blue on top. The blue may blow out a little bit, but I am hoping they will be spectacular and I will certainly take the lessons from my experiments to my kiln when I get it built! 
Small mug with white slip beneath the cobalt blue decoration. Bare clay body surrounds it with salt-glazed surface

Dish rim with white ground under cobalt blue decoration

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