Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy Week

Pottery display at Catawba
It has been a busy week (or so) since returning from Catawba Valley! It was a good show and was nice to see a mix of curators and collectors attending, as well as potters and antiques people. I think my goal for next year will be to have a few big eye-catching pieces to lure people in!
Display at Catawba Valley

Brenda in her booth at Catawba
We just wrapped up a really great work weekend on the farm getting the kiln/machine shed built. It is really amazing to see things coming together and being one step closer to building my kiln!
Almost all of the headers up, rafters sorted
We got our recently purchased blueberry plants in the ground over the weekend as well. Sixteen! They are two years old, so next year we will be able to eat them!

Things at Joseph's are starting to wind down as we started making smaller items to fill the kiln. We'll be loading the big beast in a few weeks and firing the weekend of the 21st. I made a few more low, wide platters last week just for practice and good measure. 

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