Monday, May 9, 2011


Bowls are a funny form to me. I've not settled on a particular design of bowl that I just love every aspect of. I have numerous bowls in my kitchen from a variety of potters, and even those I often pick up and think, "this would be better if..." Or I use particular bowls for particular food dishes, salads, etc. This could be that I am often most critical of my own work, but I do think that putting some thought to the function and use of a form is very helpful in seeing that piece's future use and likely abuse (I'm rough on my dishes, are you?).
So I made these recently. I like the direction of keeping a fairly wide marly/edge, as I find that attractive, and especially with the rim being salted and only the interior being glazed, I think the elements work. However, some bowls I have made recently ended up being rather thin on the edge, and I fear that would lead to quick damage or destruction. For these bowls I made a rather thick edge.

 I'm working up my trimming skills on larger dishes and such, but for bowls since they're quick to make, I'd really like not to trim them, but I don't know whether I like the sides of the bowl, and the underside of the marly/edge.

 And since I am avoiding the trimming on these, I chose to cut the bottoms like I do most of my mugs with a large spiral wire.
Does anyone have thoughts on the perfect bowl form?


Dennis Allen said...

You're going to keep saying "marley" until we all know what it means aren't you? I put thick rims on everything and on cone 6 work I leave them bare to let the red clay show off.I make flat bottom bowls that can do double duty in the oven and round bottom bowls that feel nice in the hand when you carry them around.Mixing bowls and ice cream bowls get round shapes, trimming and feet.Of course, I end up with too many boxes of bowls when I do shows.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Hi Dennis, if saying "marley" a whole lot gets the meaning across, then maybe it's necessary! I like bare rims, even on earthenware (believe it or not, while I am impartial to stoneware, I do like earthenware). I think bare rims make the pots have more feeling. Your ideas of double duty dishes for the oven are good, I'll keep that in mind when I make big bowls!