Monday, May 23, 2011

Debut of the Crockery!

I am quite excited to finally have a good batch of straight-sided crocks! The kiln firings from last week yielded some spectacular results!

After cleaning and pricing the pots last week I took a few crocks down to the Liberty Hardware Store in Liberty, North Carolina. Rhonda, one of the owners, put them in the front window! So if you're passing through Liberty, be sure to see the crocks in the front window!

My very first sale this past Saturday at Old Salem's Pottery Fair on the Square was one of my favorite crocks. This was one of those pieces which is hard to part with because of how great it looked. It had such good orange-peeling and the cobalt had hints of blue along with the darker variations.

Oh, that orange peel!

This summer I plan to make some crocks with lids as I personally know how handy those are when making sauerkraut and pickles! First thing for the summer though is a large batch of compost crocks! I have been scheming some new designs and modifications for a while now, I think it is time to get on the wheel!


Dennis Allen said...

What a crock!

Liz said...

What awesome CROCKS! I want one!

Anonymous said...

Those came out BEAUTIFULLY.


Liberty Stoneware said...

Dennis, my other half said the exact same thing to me, I was waiting for someone to say it! Thanks for the comments everyone, I can't wait to make more this summer, and maybe make some REALLY big ones just for the heck of it!