Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Many Compost Crocks Can You Throw This Morning?

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's sunny and warm here in North Carolina, which is one of the reasons why I did not stay in the studio very long today. Distractions!
Have you ever heard the song "How Many Biscuits Can You Eat This Morning?" Well this afternoon I was  humming in my head my own version of this, singing "How many compost crocks can you throw this morning?" I've had some designs in my mind for some small alterations on the shape I already make. This has mostly entailed making a wider opening at the top, so as not to capture the compost within the crock, making it difficult to dump the contents out. I made several that were a little taller with a slightly bellied side and a narrow-ish opening. The interior of this is not restrictive to compost being dumped out though.

This is such a fun shape to throw and watching it evolve always enamors me. Not quite as much as bottle-making, but close.
I also made a few with a very wide rim and a bellied side. I think these will be very handsome when they're finished. I just cannot decide what style of lid to put on them. Angled? Round? Flat?

I also have had some ideas for new forms. I had a request for one with straight sides, similar to the regular crocks, so I made a few of those.

Plain and functional, the way I like it. I think the woman who requested this shape said "nothing froo-froo," so that works too!
I also tried some that are shaped somewhat like a tall bowl. I think these with the flared sides will look great with angled lids on top.

I think I am going to really like these. I especially enjoy the really fat rim.

"How many compost crocks can you throw this morning?
How many compost crocks can you throw this evening? 
How many can you throw?
Eight for now, and then a few more.
How many compost crocks can you throw this morning?"

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