Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Weekend

Part of Friday was spent loading a gas-fired salt kiln. I was wondering whether I would get everything in when I unpacked the car and put it all on the table:

Pots spread out on the table always looks like there are so many more than there really are!
Luckily everything except for a few bowls made it in.

I was rather awestruck by the cicadas which were on everything though! Apparently the 13-year or 17-year cicadas are out and about, and were REALLY loud! They also kept flying into the kiln and crawling around on everything. So I had some winged company when I was loading.

Cicada on the kiln brick
On Saturday morning I went to the Carolina Clay Guild meeting in Greensboro. Elizabeth Boles did a fascinating presentation on one-stroke brush painting. As I told another potter, it's like someone watching a potter make a piece, it looks so incredibly easy! I may give a few of her pointers a try. And I, having not really done a lot of underglaze painting, have never tried things like gum arabic to carry a slip for trailing or painting. So I may give that a try too.

Elizabeth Boles presenting one-stroke brush painting
Saturday afternoon was spent helping Sid Luck get things glazed, and I ended up having to leave before the loading took place. Sunday afternoon was the firing, which is always nice. I had some great conversations with several of the other potters there, and with Sid, of course. I'll post the results of the firings later this week!

Jason Luck, Sid's son, above the kiln and Paul, who has been working with Sid for a few weeks, in front of the kiln
Also, the Pottery Fair on the Square sale at Old Salem Museums and Gardens is next Saturday, May 21st from 10-5:00. There will be quite a crowd of potters from across the state there! It should be a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

If a cicada staid on the kiln, I assume it would be incinerated. If it was on one of your pieces when that happened, would it disfigure the piece?


Liberty Stoneware said...

It would not disfigure the piece, but it might leave a neat burn pattern! I doubt there would be any buggy residue left once it gets up to temperature though!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you don't have to make sure all the cicadas are out of the kiln, or else you'd be totally bonkers trying!