Friday, May 20, 2011

Sneak Peek

Peeking into the top of the kiln as I unbricked the door.
I unloaded one kiln and picked up the pots from Sid Luck's kiln last night. I thought I would post a sneak peek for what is going to show up at the Pottery Fair on the Square at Old Salem in Winston-Salem, North Carolina tomorrow! The large cobalt decorated dishes I made turned out really well, but I am only going to tease you with that and will post the photos of them later. Enjoy!

Pots coming out of Sid Luck's kiln always remind me why I love wood firing so much!

A few of the clay bodies turned out a little creamier than I was hoping, but they still look pretty good.

This crock is going to be one of those pots that is hard to part with! the orange peel on the side is just amazing.

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Dennis Allen said...

Nice pots.Wish your show wasn't 600 miles away.Have a good time and come home with empty boxes.