Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeling Blue

Ahh, big dishes. Well, maybe medium dishes. I'm shooting for 25-30" diameter sometime...
If I keep using really corny titles, I'm bound to run out of them at some point!
Spent some time in the studio recently decorating large dishes (about 15-16" diameter). I made a wide marly in order to do a little cobalt (blue) decorating and to use my new Chinese brushes I bought at the North Carolina Potters Conference. I think I may make the marly even larger in order to put some really big designs on it. Next time.
Looking at images of paint decorated blanket chests and line and berry inlaid furniture last week made me think about various designs. These thoughts converged on the rims:

Making this piece made me think I would call the blog title "Feeling dotty" Maybe I will save that one...

I had a hard time deciding whether to make the leaves all move in the same direction or not. I think the various directions route I took worked out well. Putting a thick blue rim on it also brought everything together.
I trimmed the bottoms of these, and think I might try to make the sides a little more flat next time.
I've never been terribly impressed with feet in general, something to work on I suppose.


Anonymous said...


These are exponentially cool! (I know that doesn't exactly make sense, but that's just reality.) I can't wait to see what they look when they're fired.

For the non-pottery literate, what is a "marley"?


Liberty Stoneware said...

Exponentially cool sounds good to me! I'm excited to see what they look like fired as well. We'll find out in about 1.5 weeks! A marly is the flat edge of the dish between where the interior basin rises up and where the rim is (where I put the cobalt decoration). It is traditionally where most decoration is placed. I guess I should just say "edge" and should maybe apologize since I have been talking about the marly with some people and Hannah McAndrew was using the word "marly" the other weekend. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Anonymous said...

"Edge" could also mean the vertical section that is the margin between the upper and lower surfaces of the bowl, so marley is a good term. (And a good word to remember for Scrabble.)